GREECE - Kastellorizo - May 2014

"Its remoteness makes its existence as a part of Greece a prolonged act of defiance against the odds. Its prosperity came from its position on trade routes and a harbour said to be the best between Beirut and Piraeus. Ship owners grew rich. Fine houses were built. The supporting professions tended more towards clerks, tailors and merchants than goatherds or fishermen. Women wore mantillas,
pillbox hats and furs. The land is unusually barren, even for Greece, and life is concentrated in the
village, so that even now, with its miniscule population, it feels oddly urban.
You don't see those bristled mountain men with knee-high boots and pistols in their
waistbands that you do on Crete. The people of Kastellorizo wouldn't,
for the most part, look out of place in Antwerp." []
May 2014. bRaNdSboRg.CoM
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